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Shinpo Soy Milk
Shinpo Soy Milk Melon 200ml.
Traditional soy milk,  without milk powder. Melon Flavour.
Shinpo Soy Milk
Shinpo Soy Milk Collagen 200, 1000 ml.
Traditional soy milk, free from color and flavor added, without milk powder. Take care your skin with collagen.
Shinpo Soy Milk
Shinpo Soy Milk Vegan 200, 1000, 5000 ml.
Authentic soy milk mixed with 1 % of natural sugar, little sweet and to be rich with protein.
Shinpo Soy Milk
Black Sesame 200 ml. Only@7-eleven  
Soy milk with black sesame flavor give a delicious taste, full protein from soymilk and sesame seeds.
Shinpo Soy Milk
Unsweetened  1000, 5000 ml.
soy milk without sugar, suitable for vegetarians.
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